Get ready to introduce your best friend to the Quietest, Fastest, Safest member of the pet grooming family.

The Problem

Pet owners (and their pets) routinely need to engage in the highly stressful task of cutting their pet’s nails. The stress is caused by fear (by both the pet and the owner) of injury to the pet, because the nails of animals contain blood and nerves. If pet owners get it wrong, the pet is left injured, bleeding and traumatized.

Pet owners are left trying to perform this task by either: (i) using one of the many ineffective products available on the market (costs ranging from $15-$80/unit), or, (ii) they can spend time travelling to either their vet or pet groomer and pay them $15-20 every 2 months,  for the life of their pet, to have someone else perform this task.


Our Solution

Our patent pending fully-electronic pet clipping device combines several innovative scanning, cutting and other safety features, integrated within a unique design, that offers the safest, quietest and quickest nail cutting device available on the market.


See our early-stage prototype in this video

Beautifully Designed

Immediately distinct. Functionally different. Beautifully designed and engineered. We designed a product that is visually appealing and practically soothing to touch, sound and sight.

Intelligently Crafted

In every way, we were able to improve the experience of the pet and owner by delivering on a vision for a pet grooming product that quickly, quietly, comfortably and safely improves the pet groom experience for both the pet and owner.

Target Market

Pet owners and professional groomers who wish to experience (and who also wish to offer their pets) a safer and less stressful and more cost-effective solution for grooming their pet’s nails.

If pet owners get it wrong, the pet is left injured, bleeding and traumatized.

The Competition

There are number of “old-style” pet clippers available on the market, ranging from the most basic scissor-action manual clipper to dremel-type devices which purport to offer a quiet stress-free experience for the pet and owner.

The scissor-action can be quick (if the pet sits still long enough), but offer a lot of stress and do not address either safety or noise problems. The blade on these devices is normally very poor quality and produces a loud “snap” which increases stress levels.

The dremmel-type are safer than the scissor type but take longer to reach the desired length with the grinder. In addition, although claiming to be quieter, the grinding action of these devices still produces a loud noise and a troubling vibration which increases the stress levels of the pet. Either way, the pet is far less likely to either sit still or allow the nail to be cut with other available devices on the market.