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SafetyPawz is the inventor and owner of commercially valuable Confidential Information (as defined herein) related to SafetyPawz Pet Clipper (the “Product”). SafetyPawz desires to engage in discussions with person(s) who enter the non-public portions of the SAFETYPAWZ website (the “Site”). During the course of viewing the non-public portions of the Site, each person (“RECIPIENT”) will have access to SAFETYPAWZ Confidential Information and otherwise engage in discussion related to the Product and, in the course of such discussions, may also create and/or contribute to Works (as defined herein) and/or Inventions (as defined herein). By accepting these terms, registering for access and accessing the Site, RECIPIENT agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the SAFETYPAWZ LLC CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”).

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